Monday, August 15, 2005

seasons turning

I haven't dared to leave the office because I'm afraid of getting hot again. I'm finally cooling down after this weekend's meltdown. I did end up reading a TON, but when you are reading, in part, to ignore the world around you and the obvious global warming, maybe that is not the best way to spend a weekend.

But suddenly, the world looks cool again. The view from my boss' empty office is crisp and verdant. Central Park is sharply focused under a slate gray sky.

I may need to take a walk to Whole Foods just to explore what is on sale and see if I can't find something to go with the zucchini and eggplant that I found at the Farmer's Market yesterday.

A quiet night is in order. The rest of the week promises to be social and full of time with friends. Tonight, I hope to make many pots of tea and sit on my couch happily reading.

I had been aching for a vacation, but now it appears that New York is just how I like it: comfortable and empty. The subways are less crowded and work feels haunted by empty desks. I'm all for it.


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