Friday, April 15, 2005

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OutKast has settled for an undisclosed sum with Rosa Parks. It's been disclosed that she has been suffering from progressive dementia and with the end of this law suit, it is certain that her medical and personal needs will be secure. Evidently as part of the settlement a tribute album will be recorded in her honor and will be released on the 50th anniversary of her arrest. She's 92 years old. It seems unreal to think that she is still alive. It's amazing we still live in a world where discrimination is so rampant. But I was also thinking, are there any queer equivalents to Rosa Parks in the Gay Rights movement? I mean, on the level of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks, let's say.


Anonymous Rachel said...

Harvey Milk, perhaps?

Or maybe he's only a big deal in San Francisco, I kind of can't tell.

That's a really creative settlement agreement, I must say (gettin' my legal geek on).

Fri Apr 15, 07:51:00 PM  
Blogger Ms. NOLA said...

I think that it's interesting that Laura Bush can say that American literature is not political but I can't think of anyone besides writers who matter in the gay rights movement... Maybe that's just where my interests rest...

I wish people talked more about James Baldwin - someone whose life was in many ways representative of issues with race and sexuality. LEL and I read "Another Country" last year and I think I may need to reread it. Have you read it, Rachel?

Fri Apr 15, 08:09:00 PM  
Anonymous Lauren said...

I think the reason James Baldwin never reached Gay Political Icon status was because he didn't want to be a Gay Political Icon. I agree that Harvey Milk may be the closest thing there is to a Martin Luther King, Jr., but that he's certainly lesser known in comparison. I think the gay rights movement has iconic events, and maybe tons of unknown leaders.

Who knows.

Mon Apr 18, 10:08:00 AM  

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