Saturday, April 23, 2005

Doesn't everyone think it's the best borough?

I've spoken a great deal about the inferiority complex younger people in Philadelphia so clearly possess. Last August I moved from Philadelphia to New York. Let's be specific here: I moved from Queen Village to Morningside Heights where I crashed for a month before moving to Park Slope. I was so happy about it and didn't even consider Manhattan with the exception of a college friend letting me have a first look at her studio which she was leaving for a place in Brooklyn.

I wanted to live in Brooklyn without justifying it to anyone. The NYT (maven of late reporting) publishes this article which goes on about the Brooklyn inferiority complex. Maybe Brooklyn feels bigger to me than South Philly or the Philly complex was so much greater than the one Brooklyn possessing, but I just didn't believe it. Or rather, I think it's so little an issue that I really could care less.

But again, it's today's reference to JSF. Gotta get 'em in everyday. The NYT is obsessed. It's a little scary. I just wonder if they will give equal airtime shall we say to Nicola Krauss' book. But I'll say this: Foer could buy a place wherever he wants given his money. I have a lot of respect for him staying in Brooklyn.


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