Saturday, April 23, 2005


Tonight the apartment got a proper cleaning. I scrubbed down the bathroom, mopped the kitchen floor and hallway, swept my room and ran a damp cloth along the walls and dusted. I also reorganized my yarn box along with my box of winter items - scarves, hats, gloves, etc. It's time to take sweaters to the cleaners, buy a container for themand slip in a lavender sachet to keep the bugs away. I also reorganized my wardrobe (not the clothes, the physical furniture wardrobe) and did some hand-washing. I also sorted the laundry and plan to go early tomorrow AM to take care of that.

It's amazing how much you accomplish on a Friday night on your own. And I have to say I wasn't at all sad about spending Friday evening cleaning. I was never one for "going out," per se. Also, given the roar of the newsroom in which I work, the quiet of an empty apartment is a thing of beauty.

Maybe all this spring cleaning is going to the brain as well. I definitely turned off blogging this week. Random episodes which you may not have heard about include:

The lock to the door of my apartment breaking thus requiring a new deadbolt.

My return to the fashion mag.

A 3.5+ mile walk from RJ's apartment to Tim's apartment which took us along the resevoir in Central Park and up to the West side where we walked up to 108th Street before walking up the edge of the park in order to walk up 110th to see St. John the Divine before a veggie burger with cheddar and chicken caesar salad at Deluxe (guess who ate what).

Renting and watching PS and rather enjoying it.

Realizing at midnight that, in the rush of the day, Tim and I both forgot that we met exactly two years ago that day.

Dinner at the Plaza to celebrate Kathleen's birthday.

And so much more that got deleted by the computer... Anyway, I should get to bed. More soon. Apologies for the absence.


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