Monday, June 04, 2007

it's a small world after all

In addition to Rachel, I have three other friends in the SF area that I need to see. (In addition to friends of friends whom I would like to meet) One is from NOLA, another from Bryn Mawr and another from Dartmouth. Turns out my friend from Dartmouth lives about two blocks away from Rachel. We are planning on ringing her doorbell tonight on the way home from a party. My friend from NOLA called this morning, but didn't leave her phone number (ah, I have everyone's email and no one's phone numbers anymore) so I am still trying to track her down. Connection was made with my Bryn Mawr friend KMichelle (with whom I stayed and traveled with during a wonderful trip to London and Paris in 2002) who is meeting me at the Anchor Steam Brewery at 1 where we will go on the tour and catch up over some beer tasting afterwards.

But the very interesting thing is that I struck up a conversation (as you know I am wont to do with strangers) with the nice young mom sharing a table with me at Tartine and learned that she and her (now) husband lived for years in what is now T's apartment building. They lived on the floor above T. The crazy thing is that this woman had never been to Tartine before, lives in Nob Hill, and rarely comes to the Mission. What were the chances that we'd end up meeting and having this conversation? What else is going to happen during this trip?

And in the meanwhile, my friend EMF got engaged outside the Cafe du Monde in NOLA. Congrats!


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