Sunday, May 20, 2007

Work in progress

I thought I'd share my current work in progress. It's a sweater vest. I've completed the back and now I'm working from the armholes up on the front of the vest. I've been knitting it in the round so there is no seam so far. In fact the only seams will be at the shoulders. I'm going to pick up stitches and rib a neckline and also rib around the armholes.

I got the yarn in March while visiting T's gran in New Hampshire. We went to Harrisville Designs and I found two skeins of New England Highland wool in Lady Slipper (scroll down to see the yarn if you check out the link) in the sale bin. Silly me was hopeful enough to think that two skeins would be enough for a vest. It wasn't. So I had to search around online to see if anyone in the New York City area carried the yarn. The only place that did was The Yarn Tree in Williamsburg. While I hate going to Williamsburg (which requires returning to Manhattan in order to return back to my neighborhood in Brooklyn), I somehow forget that I always enjoy going and always enjoy the ride. Taking the J/M/Z train back to Manhattan means crossing the Williamsburg Bridge and getting a different view of the city. But also, The Yarn Tree is a store I wish I could go to more often. And maybe I should just make the trip more often. I always enjoy going there because the lady who owns and runs the place is so kind and friendly and also her yarn selection is fantastic. She carries a good variety of sensible--not ridiculous wool only good for items that don't take on much wear or tear--yarns in a vibrant array of colors.

So long story short, making this vest required a trip to New Hampshire (all that entails: Amtrak trip, hanging out with T's great family, getting out of NYC, enjoying the mountains, clean air, etc) and a trip to Williamsburg which is low on clean air, but high on the enjoyment/diversion factor. Who says knitting keeps you at home?


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