Wednesday, May 16, 2007

goodbye, stars hollow

Goodbye, Paris.
Goodbye, Kirk.
Goodbye, Paul Anka.
Goodbye, Taylor.
Goodbye, Gypsy.
Goodbye, Miss Patty.
Goodbye, Babette.
Goodbye, Lane.
Goodbye, Mama Kim.
Goodbye, Sebastian Bach.
Goodbye, Zack.
Goodbye, Michel.
Goodbye, Jackson.
Goodbye, Sookie.
Goodbye, Richard and Emily.
Goodbye, Rory.
Goodbye, Luke.
Goodbye, Lorelai.

(This does not in any way mean that my mother and I will not engage in lame "Where's Rory? Where's the coffee cart?" jokes at Yale in the future. Thank you for seven years of banter and heart.)


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