Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Wouldn't it make sense?

Wouldn't it make sense if there were all-night libraries? Think of it. It would be a great place to go. Honestly, the only time I have time to go to the library these days is after midnight. And you know there's some newly minted college grad who has fallen in love with Jeanette Winterson or Tom Robbins and wants to engage in some previously ilicit "fun reading." I say ilicit because reading unassigned works is tantamount to treason in college.

You must stick to the assigned reading.

Hell, I found it hard to even consider the "recommended reading" some weeks.

So here is their chance. It would give them an opportunity to let their minds breath and consider all that the past four years have crammed into their heads. They could explore other career opportunities outside their now useless liberal arts degree and make an honest buck that does not involve telemarketing or steamed milk.

Why isn't this some kind of required work for every post-college grad? It would give them a chance to give back to the community. It would also give them a chance to learn new computer skills so that they can file away the next eight years in an office with a cubicle far from a window.


Blogger Nerb said...

I think Benjamin Franklin would agree. I also sometimes wonder why there is no such thing as Netboox. I guess Ulysses doesn't fit as easily through the mail slot as a DVD, but they could break the books up into chapters to make it easier to ship and carry. They could standardize the size. There could be leather covers available to accessorize with Ipods.

Thu Mar 31, 09:24:00 AM  
Anonymous katy said...

it would so be popular with procrastinating students as well. i went and sat in the only 24 hour place i could find last night [cafe brazil] and as i asked for a seat 'near an outlet' i discovered that i had been beaten by computer users at all tables in the vicinity of outlets. i got to sit at the bar and plug into the kitchen. when i left in the very wee hours of the morning? all those folks were still there. i'm telling you, so many people would use a place like that. well, maybe if we could also drink coffe.

but then your mix would be still mainly those in the student bracket--those working in the wee hours and those that don't know what to do with themselves in those wee hours now that they're not working.

Thu Mar 31, 10:37:00 AM  
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