Wednesday, November 15, 2006

all good things

in one week i'll be back in NOLA. so much to do between now and then. so much to do while i am there.

by the way, "gilmore girls" tonight?!

also, can i take a moment and just say that me and my tuesday night dinner party crowd would make much better post-GG chatter than the "aerie tuesday" crowd. don't ask if you don't get it. really, it's embarassing that we know. bare with me, i'm exceedingly happy.

and in other news, i have ridiculously low triglyceride levels. is this a good thing?

tomorrow i will have drinks with friends under the auspices of "work." yes, we do all work in the same industry and yes we will be networking at the time warner center in what could very well become a bar crawl given our tendencies to chat. we'll have fun. then i'll go out for a date with T. still dating after all these years.

a friend of a friend has given me the entire collection of Marilyn Hacker's poetry. I lost all my signed editions in the storm and this kind friend requested all the books for me from his friend who works at Norton. i wrote an effusive thank you note today. I am just so pleased, I can't even begin to explain it. It's amazing the kindness of strangers.


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