Sunday, October 29, 2006


I took a long walk all over Prospect Park today with Gifford. We were looking for Halloween activities, but none were to be found. I guess we were too late after I did laundry for the better part of the afternoon, then we spent some time in her apartment sifting through the fabulous clothes she found at Beacon's Closet over the weekend, and then getting hot chocolate (for her) and chamomile/lavender tea (for me) at Joyce Bakeshop.

All the same, it was an incredibly brisk and sunny day for a long walk. Without the sun, I don't know if we would have been up for it. We probably would have snagged a table at the bakeshop and hunkered down for the afternoon. It's been blustery all weekend and today was no exception. We saw a group of amateur photographers taking advantage of the wind so as to avoid renting a wind machine. I kid you not. We saw girls draped over massive tree stumps with their hair blowing behind them. I was glad I had a hat and arm warmers.

But photos like this are what fall in Brooklyn is about.


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