Saturday, October 28, 2006

falling back (only an hour?)

Brooklyn at this time of year is full of faux spider webs, constant winds, and lots of leaves in the street. I noticed today that the tree immediately outside my window is entirely barren of leaves. Gorilla coffee is featuring maple and pumpkin lattes. There are Halloween festivities tomorrow in Prospect Park. I am struck with the desire to make the place cozy by making bottomless pots of tea, keeping candles lit, winding scarves around my neck and listening to happy music. There are dinner parties and just so much more. I have to remind myself to stay home. I've been better about this lately. And I'm trying to make time for my amateur attempts at yoga that are essentially glorified stretching. Hopefully, I'll start a class within the next week or so. I have to get in better shape before flying to NOLA for thanksgiving. A miserable non-JetBlue flight to NOLA complete with (gasp) layovers. It will all be worth it for the last NOLA trip home for a long time. I'm trying to make the connection for my heart and my mind that I'll be in North Carolina for Christmas. There's a weird feeling of disconnect when I get excited about the move. How can I be excited? There's a huge grocery list of pros and cons regarding all these new changes. I'm trying to process them one by one.

No wonder I'm so sleepy and achy these days. My friend LEL says I need more coffee. The answer is more coffee. I've been feeling it's more sleep. A bit of both is probably just right. Time is also crucial. We're all reorienting ourselves. Falling back an hour, falling forward into something new while still so tangled up in NOLA.


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